EPISODE #7: A Very Discharge Christmas: Full-Blown Racism

EPISODE #7: A Very Discharge Christmas: Full-Blown Racism

Ho, ho and, indeed, ho. It’s the Verbal Discharge Christmas Special, as we wrap ourselves up in tinsel and parade ourselves around your lugholes. Take this how you will, but the greatest gift you’ll be getting this year is this, as we gather the whole Discharge troupe for a festive hour-and-a-bit of broadcasting.

Listen in as we talk about some news that was out of date by the time we recorded it, never mind when you listen to it, name the greatest Christmas movie of all-time and how you the world’s most politically correct Christmas poem ever written. All that plus some verbal faffing about. Plenty, in fact. That’s the horse chestnuts. Are there lots of horse chestnuts? No idea. Nobody told us how Christmas works.

For a direct link, you can click here and download. Or you can just order virtual Santa down your internet-chimney, into your iTunes-stocking. Or YouTube below!

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