EPISODE #11: Peppa Pig and the Golden Sarcophagus

EPISODE #11: Peppa Pig and the Golden Sarcophagus

Get out the way, dad! It’s time for Verbal Discharge! You do know what that is! I talk about it all the time! It’s that podcast thing with the- Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, they did talk about Bill Oddie’s penis last week. Yeah, but it’s more than that. No, honestly, it is, dad. It is. I know that. I’m sorry. I’ll do it now.

This week, James produces his celebrity death almanac, Jordan as ever asks all the important questions (And has his prepared bit bumped for time reasons) and Robbie gets really angry about Peppa Pig. Just you wait and hear him go. It’s like a pork tornado.

You can download the show, as ever, on iTunes, or by right-clicking this link here. Alternatively, click the art to listen online. Or just click the RSS feed link to the left. Or now watch the YouTube link below. So many options.

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