22 Cardigans Mark Wahlberg has never worn

22 Cardigans Mark Wahlberg has never worn

Responsible for some films that some people have seen, Mark Wahlberg is a man many other men look up to.  Though his acting is indisputably describable as human, two-time Oscar nominee Mark is best known as a wearer of cardigans. In fact, he once wore a cardigan so well he quite literally stopped time, though you wouldn’t remember it because you were frozen in time.

Here is that moment.

Formerly of both the Funky Bunch and prison, Mark once said “All men should have two things: a cardigan, and a ticket to see my new new movie, Patriot’s Day, directced by Peter Berg and in cinemas February 17th. Also a beard”. Marky was such a big believer in cardigans that he even named his first son Cardigan Wahlberg, as he believed it would bring his life comfort and warmth.

However, even top cardigan wearer Marky Mark can’t wear all the cardigans. And, as every teen movie has taught me, there is nothing worse than wearing the same outfit as the coolest kid in school. Why, I don’t know, but basically, you don’t ever want to wear the same cardigan as Mark Wahlberg. Because otherwise one of you will have to go home and get changed. Or maybe you do. Either way, here are some cardigans Marky Mark has never worn, for you to select/avoid/politely scroll through at your leisure.


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