EPISODE #49: Punk.

EPISODE #49: Punk.

Cheap holiday in other people’s misery, I don’t wanna holiday in the sun, at not without a really good podcast. Like Verbal Discharge. Maybe not this episode, but certainly an episode. OK. This episode it is.

It’s our final live show on Phantom Radio, and as such we set out to celebrate our time as we burn any and all bridges in sight. We also, on the live broadcast, played All Star by Smash Mouth eight times, which might explain one of the links. This week, James gets angry about the Karate Kid, Robbie has an erotic encounter with a Frenchman, Ben starts a punk radio station and Jordan drinks. But! This isn’t our last ever episode! Oh no! Because next week, we’re going to be live at the Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre! For episode 50! Tickets are on sale now from Derby Live, or available on the night.

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