EPISODE #53: Milking Dust From a Fox’s Penis

EPISODE #53: Milking Dust From a Fox’s Penis

Hello to anyone listening on iTunes! The show is actually called “Milking Dust from a Fox’s P****. Fox’s P**** is rapper. A very successful rapper, I can’t believe you haven’t heard of the ol’ StarFox before.

So, another week, another studio mishap, but another Discharge. We’re all crammed around one mic this week, which is why James sounds really far away, but also still the loudest of any of us, because he’s James bloody Bosson. This week, Robbie exhibits his Leicester City fandom, James speculates on penis dust and Jordan avoids talking about his brand new employer. Some fun, some food. It’s all inside this week’s podcast.

To listen online, click the oh you know all this you listen every week, don’t know? Great, so just right click here to download and be done with it.

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