Verbal Discharge to return to the Maypole!

Verbal Discharge to return to the Maypole!

After together putting on the most-successful live event of all time* in May, Verbal Discharge, Furthest From the Sea and The Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre are to team up once more.

Back on May 5th, Verbal Discharge celebrated it’s 50th episode with a live show at The Maypole as part of Derby Comedy Festival. Literally some people turned up, making it such a smash-hit that we couldn’t help but want to get back together and make sweet comedy together again, which is how Ben Affleck and J-Lo feel every time they watch Gigli.

As such, we can stop beating around the bush, and announce that, on September 15th 2016, Verbal Discharge shall return to The Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre for another live show! Kicking off at 7:30PM, the show will have all the usual antics and exploits, and more chances for you, the humble listener, to get involved. The show will be part of Furthest From the Sea’s Fresher’s Week programming, giving the latest additions to Derby’s student body a chance to taste the city’s vibrant arts scene, and also see our live show.

You can expect more details on the live show closer to the time, including how you can get involved. In the meantime, you can listen to May’s live show in podcast form here, and video highlights will be online early next week…


*Blatant lie.

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