#59: AUDIOBOOK: Life’s a Dog by Jorben Bowen (Read by the cast of Verbal Discharge)

#59: AUDIOBOOK: Life’s a Dog by Jorben Bowen (Read by the cast of Verbal Discharge)

The greatest novelist residing in the living world, Scandinavian genius Jorben Bowen, has written a brand new novella. It’s a mind-bending thriller about a podcasting dog, with a thickening plot and twists aplenty. And the only place you can access it is here, in audiobook form, on the Verbal Discharge podcast.

Yes, that’s right! After generously writing a pilot script for Ducky McDuck, the man who makes people think “This guy is really good at writing” himself, Jorben Bowen, has kindly donated his latest masterwork, Life’s a Dog, to the Discharge cause. In the place of a podcast this week, we instead present the Verbal Discharge cast reading the new novella from the acclaimed author of Concord Swordfirewolf and the Monster That. Listen as James, Robbie, Ben and Jordan read the gripping story of Gnarls Shingler, a dog hell-bent on keeping his gaming podcast going after the death of his partner. It’s a story full of twists, turns and totally coherent storytelling that was definitely really honestly written by one really talented author with a grand plan for where it was going.

You can listen to the audiobook in much the same way you would listen to one of our podcasts. Use the player above, or a podcasting app, or even right-click here to download it. For free! Take that Audible!

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