EPISODE #60: Koala Foreskin Party

EPISODE #60: Koala Foreskin Party

It comes bursting through the door. Discharge. It screams at you. You scream back, but it does no good. The Discharge has no ears. Only a mouth, a screaming comedy mouth. You take a deep breath and settle down. There’s only one thing for it: You need to listen…

So what’s going on this week? We’ll tell you what’s going on this week. Robbie writes to his one true love, James gets attacked by a kid with a piece of paper, and Ben begins a new career managing a comedy shop. All this and probably more. If you want to find out for certain, you’ll just have to listen, won’t you?

You can do just that by using the player above, whichever podcast app floats your boat, or by right-clicking here to download.

One of the contributors to the world's third-to-best podcast not about squid, writing in third person and pretending to be the collective.

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