#65: With Danny Howard and 2 Crude Ducks!

#65: With Danny Howard and 2 Crude Ducks!

I am a DJ, I am what I play. Can’t turn around now, can’t turn around. I am a DJ, I am what I play, and what I play is mostly this week’s new Verbal Discharge podcast.

After last week’s spectacular, bumper-length sold-out live show, did you think we’d rest on our laurels? Yeah, so did we. But, alas, Discharge is back, and with a very special guest to boot. This week, we’re joined by Radio One presenter and one of the country’s top DJs, Danny Howard, who talks getting started as a DJ, his iTunes collection and some Nickelodeon classics. Elsewhere on this week’s show, Ben writes on two rubber ducks, Jordan considers moving to Italy, Robbie tries to remember what’s happened recently and James writes Neil Gaiman’s new book for him.

The interview with Danny Howard starts at around 7 minutes. A video version of the interview, including him challenging us to a pint-necking contest, shall be available soon through Phantom Media. For context’s sake, Danny (As we call him) was DJing as part of the University of Derby’s Fresher’s Fortnight, and we spoke to him just before he went on stage.

To listen, use the player above, your preferred podcast app, or right-click here to download the blighter. Cheers, bye.

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