#69: The Large Boom Hypothesis – A Gradual Maddening

#69: The Large Boom Hypothesis – A Gradual Maddening

Earlier this week, we posted a seemingly-innocent poll. It asked which critically-panned sitcom should we try to marathon, and record our slow descent into madness? Well, The Big Bang Theory was the run-away winner, and the descent was anything but slow.

Listen in as James, Jordan, Robbie and Ben tear the show atom from atom! Continue listening as they begin to lose their minds and grow to resent everything in the world! Think about hitting pause and never coming back just in case one of them reaches tears! But who will take it best? Through how many episodes will they make it? Or will any of them actually come round and start to enjoy one of the most popular sitcoms on the face of the planet?

You can find out in the player above, or by using your favourite podcasts app/this handy download link. Sorry about how loud the actual Big Bang Theory soundtrack is. But, otherwise, please, enjoy.

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