EPISODE #74: Officially Better than Kevin Smith

EPISODE #74: Officially Better than Kevin Smith

We apologise for the fact so much of this week’s podcast sounds like it was recorded on a potato. There’s a section in the middle where the audio’s fine. Please don’t be put off. We worked hard on it. You’re going to make us cry now.

On this week’s show, we welcome aboard the man who claims to be Discharge’s biggest fan, and he goads us into finally unveiling something we have been long-since banned from mentioning. James shows us a little bit too much, Ben has an awful job interview, Robbie briefly brings back a much-loved comedy character and Jordan gets his own simulator. All this and more, in a podcast you can just about make out the words in.

You can listen in the player above, iTunes or whatever, or by right-clicking here. Cool, nice one, see you next week.

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