Presenting the 2016 Verbal Discharge Advent Calender!

Presenting the 2016 Verbal Discharge Advent Calender!

Ladies, gentlemen, other mammals, it seems that 2016 is drawing to a close.

Isn’t that a relief? What a crazy, madcap year we’ve had. The British populace voted to leave the EU for some reason, a half-Satsuma half-lizard was elected President of the United States, and we’ve seen more celebrity deaths than your mum has had hot dinners. We’ve had bad times, good times, more bad times, some really bad times, a good time or two, and a couple more bad times thrown in for good measure.

But worry not, human race. Before this year is out, we’ve got one last chance to make things right. We cannot allow ourselves to slip away like a bad memory into the dark annals of the past. In the face of 11 months of chaos and confusion, we, as a collective species, must embrace December in full fighting force.

We can still make things right. We can finish 2016 off with a hop, skip, and a bang. Not like other bangs we’ve had this year, of course. Those were mostly bad bangs. Bad bangs like when Donald Trump was accused of banging a 13 year old child sex slave in a hotel, and then squashed the ensuing legal proceedings and media coverage by suing the everloving fuck out of everyone involved. Bad bangs like when that Syrian children’s hospital was bombed, and the world’s militaries awkwardly shirked responsibility like dogs that have been through the bin whilst you were away. Bad bangs like new episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

I’m talking good bangs. Good bangs just like all those good bangs that have happened this year. Good bangs like when Anthony Rumble Johnson banged his opponent out of consciousness in just 13 seconds at UFC 202. Good bangs like when you burst one of those big plastic pockets of air that seem to have replaced conventional bubble wrap. Good bangs like when, you know, all that other good bangy stuff happened this year.





Did it?

We here at Verbal Discharge want 2016 to end well just as much as you do. This December is going to be the bee’s fucking knees and we are committed to playing our part in it. As such, we’re loading ourselves up with laughter and mince pies, and training our sights on Christmas.

That’s right. Every day from the 1st of December, all the way up to the 24th, we’re going to be releasing lovely comedy goodness for your earholes and eyeholes. We’ve got some super special episodes of the podcast, we’ve got blog posts that are beyond beautiful, we’ve got never-before-released videos of our live performances, we’ve even got a bloody nativity play that you can come and see in bloody person. Bloody hell! It’s all a bit much isn’t it?

The gist is, we’ve got all kinds of crazyawesomewickedshit coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled to all these places if you want in on some of that sweet, sweet action:

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The fresh advent content will start tomorrow, December 1st, obviously, so keep your eyes on the website for that…




  • Some shit [see: faeces, excrement] that is considered to be not only wicked, but also crazyawesome.
  • Comedy created by the immeasurably talented group Verbal Discharge [see: geniuses, egotists].
  • The first Die Hard movie, which stars Bruce Willis (when he gave a shit) and Alan Rickman [see: I.P, #WhyDidYouTakeHim2016]
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