EPISODE #75: In Memory of Jordan D.L. Reynolds (1992-2016)

EPISODE #75: In Memory of Jordan D.L. Reynolds (1992-2016)

Just eight minutes before we were due to record, Jordan tragically passed away. The following podcast is exclusively comprised of live coverage from his funeral. Join us, as we look back on the life, times, crimes and misdemeanors of Jordan Daniel Leonard Reynolds.

This week, Robbie, James, a belligerent vicar, some French guy, Michael Caine and a cow from a nearby field deliver their eulogies and tributes to Jordan, the choir serenades his memory with a rendition of Jordan’s favourite song, and a freak storm brings an alarming surprise… This is the Funeral of Jordan Reynolds. Please stand by, and prepare the handkerchief.

As ever, you can listen in the player above, by right-clicking here to download, or using your preferred podcasting app (Which, let’s face it, is iTunes).

This is Day #2 on the 2016 Verbal Discharge advent calender, as we drop fresh new comedy pie on your collective faces every day. Tune back in tomorrow for more exciting friendly goodness.

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