EPISODE #77: A Very Verbal Discharge Nativity LIVE

EPISODE #77: A Very Verbal Discharge Nativity LIVE

Away in a Maypole, no crib for his beer, the Little Lord Discharge lay down his sweet Christmas Show…

On Thursday, Verbal Discharge held our first Chirstmas live show at the Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre, with a full nativity play, with the Discharge team playing all the roles between them. It was a Brexxit-based goblin-filled spectacle as we forgot our lines, missed our cues and watched as our costumes unraveled on stage. And you”l be able to see all of that soon, but here, for this podcast, you can now witness the second half of the show, as we recorded a post-show podcast, live on stage! On this week’s show, James sees a Christmasy penis, Jordan shows a Christmasy penis, Robbie quizzes us on the second coming, and Ben refuses to marry a primary schooler. All this and more, on our very special Nativity show podcast…

If you want to listen to the show (And why wouldn’t you?!!??!?!?!?!?), you can right-click here to download, use whichever podcast app makes your heart sing, hope and pray Santa delivers it in a stocking, or use the player above, obviously.

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