EPISODE #81: DJ Gerard’s Alien Horse Research

EPISODE #81: DJ Gerard’s Alien Horse Research

Another potential interview, another celebrity blowing us off. But at least this one sent us a snarky tweet…

The Discharge boys try to recover from their monumental let-down by decidedly average discslinger DJ Fresh by all getting all four together for the first time since ever. This week, Ben does his research, Jordan does his research, James does his research and Robbie does his research. They also discuss ET’s sex life, deliver some delicious alternate facts and produce and release, in full, the upcoming Gerard Butler movie Geostorm. It’s enough to satisfy even the grumpiest of men called DJ Fresh.

If you want to listen to the show, you can either right-click here to download, or do your research and find instructions of a previous episode post. There’s 82 of them on this website, it’s not hard.

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