We have something to tell you.

We have something to tell you.

Here at Verbal Discharge, we love things. It is this effervescent love of things that have seen us produce 84 podcasts, perform 6 live shows, make a number of videos and probably written enough articles to maybe fill one midweek copy of The Guardian possibly. But things, like all things, must at some stage change. And that’s why, right now, things here at Discharge are changing.

You may be used to us rushing a podcast up every single week, sometimes without proper care, attention or audio quality. You may be used to us not doing much in the way of video content. You may be used to us not putting the last live show’s podcast for up yet. All of those things are changing.

As of this very week, the Verbal Discharge podcast is going to be released every other week, at least for the time being. This may sound like a world-ending catastrophe, but it actually just means we can put more care and attention into the show. We’re going to be recording the show in a proper studio again, with decent audio quality and more actually prepared content. We knew things had to change, so they are.

We’re also upping our video output. This includes launching GameThing, Verbal Discharge’s attempt to jump onboard the Let’s Play wagon.  We’ll be playing the kind of games you don’t see on other channels, namely shit ones. This is starting with the surprisingly racist PS2 WWII game, Prisoner of War, and will continue with all manner of worthless underwhelming titles. Keep your eyes peeled for the first of those tomorrow (Yes, tomorrow! That soon!).

The podcast version of the last live show (Oscarbaiting with Verbal Discharge) will also go up eventually. We promise.

That’s hopefully enough change for you all right now. If not, you have the right to complain by getting in touch on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else. The comments below, probably.

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