SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM: Prisoner of War Part 3 – GameThing

SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM: Prisoner of War Part 3 – GameThing

This week, James, Ben, and Jordan finally launch their escape attempt. Unfortunately, they soon learn that everything they have played up to this point is basically little more than a tutorial level, and they have actually achieved very, very little. Regardless, there are plenty of madcap, insensitive hi-jinks to enjoy along the way! (Prisoner of War – 2002 – Wide Games – PS2) Part 5 will be along soon. Please like and favourite because it helps us out massively. Thank you, we love you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I don’t necessarily agree with my use of the X-Files theme tune in this one. The joke relies heavily on the image that appears on-screen in of itself, whereas our usual editing style introduces external media that comedically expands upon the jokes provided in our initial commentary. Do you get what I mean? It just kind of feels like I cheated a bit.

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