Cricket 2004 (PS2) – GameThing

Cricket 2004 (PS2) – GameThing

This week, Robbie and James hark back to days of yore. Specifically, they revisit 2004 when all anyone could talk about was Cricket and the Iraq war. They find, much to there protracted confusion, that Cricket games on the PS2 are just about as dull as Cricket is in real life. That is to say; very. As such, much of this episode leans on our editing abilities to keep things fresh. Believe us, it was needed. The 2 hour recording session it required to create this monstrosity was so sparsely populated with laughs that it could almost be considered a classic literary tragedy.

Stanley Kubrick gave arguably his finest cinematic work the title of: ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’. Similarly, this episode should be strictly referred to using it’s full title: ‘Cricket 2004 – Gamething or: How James Learnt to Use Green-Screen and Swiftly Overused His Newfound Powers’

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