36 Things You Didn’t Know about the Wonder Woman movie

36 Things You Didn’t Know about the Wonder Woman movie

1). During the scene in which you finally work out what kind of accent Robin Wright is going for, if you look closely in the background, you can see an apricot yoghurt. Seeing as during this prologue to the film Themyscuria was yet to set up efficient trade links with Germany, there should be no Muller products visible.

2). We all loved the bit where Diana finally says her famous catchphrase (“It’s time for mice and lies!”), but did you know another famous Wonder Woman catchphrase is in the movie? At one stage in the pub about an hour in, Spud from Trainspotting says “It’s clobbering time!” under his breath to himself.

3). Liam Gallagher is not in this movie.

4). Lots of people have pointed out that David Thewlis’ character Sir Patrick Morgan was always going to turn out to be evil, but not many people also know he is also destined to become the bassist in The Housemartins.

5). Diana Prince is in love with Batman, and we know this because people only send emails to people they are in love with, and Diana Prince emails Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne is Batman and I’d better wear something nice into work tomorrow if I’m going to ask my boss out.

6). Every piece of music in the film is actually Livin’ Thing by ELO played on a different instrument and with slightly different notes and timing.

7). Even though nobody ever says the words “Lasso of Truth” out loud, in every single scene he’s in Chris Pine is thinking it.

8). Just hours before locking the final cut of the film, director Patty Jenkins removed a scene in which Diana eats six whole battenbergs in one sitting, because she felt it was too on-the-nose a nod to the character’s forthcoming appearance in the Justice League film.

9). Jonah Hill has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo as Wonder Woman herself, Diana Prince.

10). Wait shit no Liam Gallagher is in the film after all, I just checked IMDB.

11). The film was named “Wonder Woman” in the hope that people suffering from superhero fatigue may accidentally go to see it, thinking it’s about an indie movie about a philosophising woman.

12). Chubawumba offered to write the score for the film, but were turned down in favour of a whole bunch of remixes of Livin’ Thing by ELO.

13). This is both the first and second film to ever feature Wonder Woman, following Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman.

14). In the post-credits sting where we see Robin Wright eat the apricot yoghurt, if you look closely you can see she isn’t actually using a spoon, but the Curved Cutlery of Cahoole, from the 1987 Wonder Woman comic “Yoghurt Beast From Alcatraz”. A lovely little nod for the fans there.

15). Wonder Woman is yet to finish it’s run, yet already holds the record for Highest-Grossing Film Called Wonder Woman Directed by Patty Jenkins and Released in 2017 That I Saw on Monday Afternoon.

16). The girl who plays a young Diana in the first fifteen minutes of the film is actually the daughter of Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and Dr Bunsen Honeydew from The Muppets.

17). If you were to watch Wonder Woman in the place of the second episode of the second season of Netflix Original show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you literally wouldn’t notice the difference, because if you did that it’s clear you’re already an idiot.

18). Every pair of shoes in the film is made of suede.

19). Members of the band Hot Chocolate have a cameo as soldiers in the second half of the film.

20). The film is only six minutes long, but time itself is an illusion so it seems like two hours and twenty-four minutes.

21). Did you think you recognised the charming multilingual Turkish man who follows Chris Pine about? That’s right! It’s Principal Skinner from the Simpsons!

22). David Thewlis is actually doing an impression of himself the entire way through the movie.

23). My friend’s brother said there’s a bit where if you pause it at the right moment you can see Diana Prince in her knickers but I don’t believe him.

24). Despite the fact that in the comics Diana Prince traditionally lives in a bin, Jenkins decided this was sexist against men, as it suggested they couldn’t live in bins too.

25). Ace, obscure and disappointingly Australian angry pop group Operator Please reunited specially to a track for the OST, but when they discovered it was just a remix of Livin’ Thing by ELO they broke up again and swore to never, ever get back together again.

26). Wait sorry I always mix up Liam Gallagher with Spud from Trainspotting, sorry lads.

27). Unlike in the comics, movie Diana Prince hates butter, shown by a flower briefly visible under her chin in one scene.

28). This is the first film ever to not include the line of dialogue “Men are the best”.

29). Turns out my mate’s brother was right, and you can see Jonah Hill in knickers if you pause it right.

30). Wonder Woman is the first superhero movie in twelve years to feature a female lead. Diana uses it to walk her French dog.

31). Paul Nuttall loves this film, even though he has never seen it.

32). Chris Pine’s character, Chris Pine’s Character, was named after the fact he is a character played by Chris Pine.

33). Diana Prince does not die at the end of this film, contrary to popular belief.

34). Because girls do not poop, there are no toilets on Themyscuria.

35). The entire film is actually set in Newport, but nobody ever addresses it. This is why, when the characters are supposed to be in Nazi Germany, you can see Rodney Parade stadium in the background the entire time.

36). Wonder Woman is a film.

Wonder Woman is in cinemas now worldwide. I know, because I saw it on Monday and thought it was quite good.

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