Hey, where have you been?

Hey, where have you been?

Hello Dischargees,

You might have noticed we’ve been undergoing a patch of radio silence these past few weeks.

Verbal Discharge has always been a podcast about the lives and views of 4 white men in a first-world country, because there aren’t enough podcasts that fit that description. Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of podcasting, and we’ve recently found ourselves in a whirlwind of moving houses, changing working hours, coursework deadlines, and the odd psychological breakdown, which have impacted our ability to produce award-winning comedy gold. We always want to provide you with the best-quality work, so we decided to take our usual annual summer hiatus whilst we sort these lives out, rather than fill your eyes and ears with gunk. The only problem was we didn’t tell you in advance, because we didn’t decide on a hiatus until right now.

But fear not, listeners, whilst our souls are withered and past the point of repair, our physical bodies still trudge on. The podcast will be returning full-force next week, soon to be followed by a string of exciting announcements for the remainder of the year. There’s some very exciting stuff sitting in the pipeline, stuff we’re sure will make you stand up and say “That was pretty good”. We thank you for your patience during these trying times, and implore you to click around this website for the stuff we’ve done before in the meantime to get your fill of our voices and faces and jokes and stuff. We’ll see you on Friday!

One of the contributors to the world's third-to-best podcast not about squid, writing in third person and pretending to be the collective.

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