EPISODE #96: Love Island Special!!!!

EPISODE #96: Love Island Special!!!!

One island. Two winners. Like eight hundred and thirty stupid people trying to fuck each other. It’s the TV show you’ve been sort-of confused about when your colleagues talk about it, everyone!

It’s time Team Discharge familiarise themselves with the TV event of ITV2 between 9 and 10:30 on the evenings it was on. This week, James and Robbie binge Love Island, and see how closely it fits their predictions going in. Join them for a voyage of rapist, twats, and a woman who’s probably Andy Cerkis covered in ping-pong balls*. That’s right, ladies and mildly disinterested gentlemen, it’s time for our Love Island special!


You can listen to the podcast in the player above, the download link here, a podcast app, your imagination (Not recommended), or probably another way we’re yet to come across. James and Robbie’s full commentary for the first episode of Love Island 2017 will be available later this week.

*This is a joke Robbie came up with immediately after finishing the show, and regrets not making, so has squeezed in here.

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