EPISODE #97: 100% Pure Robbie from concentrate

EPISODE #97: 100% Pure Robbie from concentrate

Our podcast is much like orange juice. Perfect with your breakfast, refreshing, and containing a lengthy story about the frustrating sexual fantasies of an old woman.

Here’s a really good podcast! This week, Robbie is chased around a tent by an old woman, Ben sends abuse over a PS4, and James recounts the tales of a child called Ancient Face. That and LOTS LOTS MORE. Like, fifty-odd minutes more. That’s loads more. LOTS LOTS, even, you could say.

You can listen to the podcast by eating the player above and farting the entire podcast back out. Or by clicking on it, using another podcast app, or right-clicking here to download the blighter. Cool. See you next time.

One of the contributors to the world’s third-to-best podcast not about squid, writing in third person and pretending to be the collective.

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