Boetry: A Genius In Verse – Vol. 2

Boetry: A Genius In Verse – Vol. 2

“I am a writer.”

A simple sentence spoken by thousands of dreamers and protagonists in Woody Allen movies. However, I shall forever remember the day I stopped using the phrase, for that was the day I discovered the work of Jorben Bowen. Undeniably the greatest genius in the history of words and/or the universe, what Bowen does transcends ‘writing’ to such a degree it redefines the word as something only Bowen himself is able to produce, such is it’s greatness. The day I read Jorben Bowen’s work, I stopped being a writer, and I became an admirer. Now, thanks to the great man himself, you can enjoy an exclusive selection of his work here, only on Discharge


It was on a wild goose Thursday that he went

The rivers flowed and the trees swayed

The fish jumped and the kangaroos swam

For today some things were grand

But other things were not

It was on a wild goose Wednesday that he returned

The rivers swayed and the trees flowed

The fish swam and the kangaroos jumped

For today some things were grand

But other things were not

It was on a wild goose Tuesday that I filled out my tax returns. It’s not fun, but they had to be in the post by Wednesday morning if I wanted them there by Friday, seeing as I can’t really justify splashing out on first-class stamps.

It’s also worth noting that this is a different wild goose Tuesday to the one that preceded the previously mentioned wild goose Wednesday.

It was on that wild goose Tuesday that I remained a child.

My dad was at work.

My mum was at work.

I too was at work.




It was on a wild goose Monday that he disappeared.

The wet stayed dry and the dry stayed wet.

The dogs howled and the cats swam.

Long leaves have never grown

And short leaves have never shrunk

But they may well shrink and they may well grow.

For that is how the mind works

We grow and we swim

We look out for the figure on the horizon.

The familiar shadow.

Emerging over the hillside.

But it is bittersweet,

Like a bitter sweet.

I wish he never returned.



All men are pigs.

But women are too.

They are just

Pigs with vaginas.


Lions are only majestic if you allow them to be,
If you grant them the respect of kings,
Otherwise they’re just
Loud furry twats.


My nose is so lovely
Are you jealous


Frighten your foe and you have their respect.

Frighten your cow and you have their control.

Frighten your dog and you have a best friend.

Frighten your wife and she takes the kids to her parents.

Lessons learned.


I will never understand

My daughter.

What did she mean

When she said

“Please put your item in the bagging area”

I love you

My metal Tesco child


I have bones in my body.

I have bony bones in my body.

I have brittle bones in my bony body.

I have bright bones in my brittle, bony body.

My bright, brittle, bony bones are beautiful.


Beauty is bone deep, apart from the skull bone because the brain is in there.

And from my big, bouncy brain bloody beautiful Boetry bounds forth.



You can find more of Jorben’s mastery of language here. We’ll be bringing you more from Jorben over the next few weeks, including the exclusive first chapter of Jorben’s new novella…

The greatest writer of the written word in contemporary literature, and an undeniable genius. Enjoys alcoholism, Play-Doh, and being reclusive.

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