EPISODE #26: Karl Marx’s Rusty Bullethole

EPISODE #26: Karl Marx’s Rusty Bullethole


Remember, remember, the first podcast of November! The gunpowder trio and show; I know of no reason, why this Discharge podcast should ever be forgot! Or at least not listened to immediately by your good self!

It’s another podcast, and this time the live show went out on the Fifth November, meaning that we mention fireworks. It’s fine, you can pretend it’s still bonfire night. This week? What happens this week? James gets sexy with some slugs, Robbie tests us on the world of popular culture, and Jordan is a little tub of bum cream. It’s all yours to listen to now…

If you want to do just that and listen to the thing, you can either right-click here to download the blighter, you can click the player above, or you can download it from iTunes. Good. Do that now.

Complete List of All The Animals Harmed In The Making of This Show: Firework-phobic dogs, Diglets, cod, slugs of both genders, Italians, bloodhounds, lycra moonpeople

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