PODCAST #99: Middle-Aged Amnesia Odyssey

PODCAST #99: Middle-Aged Amnesia Odyssey

Haha you know when you run out of wine and you’re like “Oh man, what I really need is a podcast. And some wine!!!”. That’s right, middle-aged women of Facebook, we appeal to you too now.

This week on the podcast, Ben has a new favourite genre of meme, Jordan explores the universe, and Robbie revives a dead-for-a-reason comedy character for a brand new quiz show. That’s right, podcasts two weeks in a row. We spoil you lot.

If you do want to thank us, you can come along to The Cross Keys in Nottingham next Friday 10th November for our Review of the Year show, with Furthest From the Sea & Nottingham Comedy Festival.

As ever, you can listen to the show by right-clicking here, by using the player above, or whatever podcast app you choose. See you next week!

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