So, about this Review of the Year show tomorrow

So, about this Review of the Year show tomorrow

Just 29 hours remain until Team Discharge descends on the Cross Keys, in order to ascend to the upstairs bit where we’re doing the show. Probably even less by the time you’re reading this. The show is getting very close. Here’s everything you need to know about it-

Where is the show?

The Cross Keys in Nottingham.

And where’s that?

You know the big road near Broadmarsh? The one with the particularly big Tesco Express on it?

With the Nottingham Modern gallery and a Sainsbury’s on the corner?

Yeah, it’s on that road. 15 Bynard Lane, if you’re using a Sat Nav. There is parking on that road.

And when is the thing?

Doors at 7PM, aiming for a 7:30PM start. If you lot all turn up on time, we should be able to actually start then, too.

How long does it last?

Should be two hours, with a break in the middle. We’re actually the longest show in the Nottingham Comedy Festival, and far from the most expensive.

Good point. How much are tickets?

£3.50, which is very reasonable.

So what’s going on at the show?

It’s our Review of the Year. We’ll be looking back over the biggest events of 2017, as well as a few other things that happened that just amused us. The year is to be retold via. the mediums of puppet shows, quizzes, an exclusive extract from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, exclusive new music definitely from Gorillaz and more besides.

Wait, so this show isn’t just the four of you screaming about Brexit for two hours?

It’s bound to happen, but we are breaking new territory in that regard, yes.

And say I want to listen to it again, do I get that option?

Indeed. There should be a podcast version, our 100th show, up sometime early next week.

Wait. So I could just listen to it as a podcast? Why should I travel and pay to see it, then?

So many reasons. Firstly, James has grown a beard and you can come and see it in the flesh. But also, we like to make the most of the fact you can see us at the live shows. You miss the visual jokes if you don’t come. You miss the atmosphere, the chance to get involved in the show, the chance to win a loaf of bread. Basically, what I’m trying to say is the podcast version is an afterthought, and if you don’t come to the live show itself, you’ve basically missed the experience we’ve planned and designed completely.

Fantastic. Sounds like it’ll be a good one.

Absolutely. We wouldn’t let Oscarbaiting happen again.

I’ll see you there.

Fantastic, see you tomorrow.

Cheers mate.

No problem buddy.

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