PODCAST #100: Review of the Year LIVE

PODCAST #100: Review of the Year LIVE

This is it, folks. The golden, shining Episode 100. It’s the Discharge Review of the Year, recorded live as part of Nottingham Comedy Festival!

With thanks to Furthest From the Sea, it’s our century episode, as we look back on 2017 in all it’s dead baby glory! On the show, James celebrates just how weird our old favourite George Osborne is, Robbie prepares a puppet show on the new UKIP leader, Jordan has some suggestions for Word of the Year, and Ben presents a world-exclusive look at the new Star Wars film. It’s a fantastic show, and it’s all yours for ear-based consumption.

You can listen to the show in the player above, by right clicking here, or by using whichever podcast app you’ve used for the previous 99 shows.

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