EPISODE #28: Comedians, Bricks and Jason Momoas with Attitude

EPISODE #28: Comedians, Bricks and Jason Momoas with Attitude


Discharge ahoy! The winds pick up, the storm sthreatens to blow the HMS Discharge off course, but, alas, through some expert sailsmanship, another podcast-ship pulls into the iTunes-harbour, and the content-crew prepare to disembark for home (Your ears).

Yes, we’re back, etc, let’s ignore that metaphor, and tell you that this week Robbie lists the 36 things he knows about gangster rappers, James provides some top tourism tips and Jordan prepares the noose for some well-know and well-loved comedians. It’s… Shipshape. And better than this stupid ship joke thing. So much better. Ignore this. Just listen to it.

What’s that? You want to listen? Good choice. You can click above, in the YouTube player below (Coming soon!), or right-click here to download the blighter. Oh, or iTunes. That’s a great one.

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