EPISODE #30: Definitely not about Syria.

EPISODE #30: Definitely not about Syria.

Something happened in the world this week. Something important, that Verbal Discharge feels strongly about. Something we’ve been told we can’t talk about. So we’re not going to talk about it. Oh boy, you won’t believe how much not-talking about it we do.

Yes, as we gently brush the trunk of the elephant in the room, another podcast comes into being. This week, James is angry about Syria, Jordan is angry about Syria, Robbie is angry about not-Syria and Ben is bemused by Shadow the Hedgehog. You can listen above, and imagine just how many disclaimers we were forced to read on the live broadcast.

You can listen in the player above, via iTunes, or by right-clicking this link what right here is. It’ll also be on YouTube in due course.

(In)complete list of songs we played during the live broadcast: War (Edwin Star), Air Balloon (Lily Allen), U Sure Do (Strike), War Pigs (Black Sabbath), Messed-Up Kids (Jake Bugg), Can’t Speak French (Girls Aloud)

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